Laura - Salon Manager

"I started to have Reiki after looking into alternative help with stress, anxiety and dealing with emotions.

It's hard to describe that first experience. apart from an enormous release of emotion that has helped me focus on what I need further help with. 

Since having Reiki, even after just one session, my communication of how I'm feeling and what I want in life is certainly flowing better. 

I will be having further sessions and will really listen to the insights that arise."

Mel - Designer

"I had been recommended Reiki by a friend, I was interested in the psychological benefits.

It feels positive, as though the negative energy has been pulled out. 

It made me feel reflective and gave me clarity on emotional feelings that have been affecting me, especially ones that I wasn't aware of and since having it I've been able to manage my feelings without becoming overly emotional.

I definitely feel as though Reiki has had a really positive effect on my mental well being, in terms of being able to deal with feelings and emotions. 

I feel more aware of my emotions and can also reflect on life events.

Since having Reiki I have not felt as stressed and worried in my day to day life  - with better emotional management, I've been able to focus more on the things I care about. I've also been extremely productive."

Anon - 

"I suffer from chronic anxiety and depression which seriously affects my self-esteem and holds me back in most aspects of my life.  I had tried various counselling techniques without much success and was recommended Reiki by a friend who had experienced a great improvement in her similar symptoms.

I tend to experience a variety of sensations during Reiki, which can range from feelings of mild pressure or warmth in my chakra points, weightlessness and dreamlike visuals. Although these sensations vary from session to session they are always accompanied by a feeling of intense relaxation and well being.

Immediately following a session I feel incredible relaxation as if a weight has been lifted off my mind which generally lasts 24 hours or so afterwards, although if I  have regular sessions feeling unburdened, can last much longer.  It has helped me enormously with to cope with insomnia I experience as part of my anxiety.  

I believe that my introduction to Reiki gave me clarity of vision for the development of my career by allowing me to see what I wanted for my future without a haze of self-doubt clouding it. 

I feel generally less resistant to the flow of life and have stopped relying on self-medicating to alleviate my symptoms.."

Fi - Financial Services


"When I first had Reiki, I didn't know what to expect. But I knew I was up for trying it as I am very much into well-being and healing.

I started to have it as I felt like I had exhausted all of my other go-to remedies and wanted to see if this would help.

It feels very calming and is a quiet time away from day to day madness which I enjoy very much.

The benefit of doing Reiki for me was that I felt like I was investing time into myself and allowing myself to go to that quiet space to zone out and reconnect with myself and disconnect from external noise and distractions. I also find that after each session, I tuned into what my inner voice was telling me in regard to decision making and I have always walked away confident."

Jazmin - Mental Health Nurse 

"I started having Reiki because I wanted to try something new and because my work is a highly stressful environment, I wanted to see if Reiki could help.

I found myself feeling absolute peace during it, I was able to switch off and felt instantly relaxed afterwards. 

I can't wait for my next session."

Annette - Manager

"I started having Reiki because I had spoken to Hannah about it.  I was cynical and unconvinced but also curious to see if it was real. The catalyst that actually made me start was a dramatic change in my professional life and an accident at work. I was very vulnerable and in pain, I thought if I ever needed help - this was the time.

The experience of Reiki was incredible. I released so much pain and emotion and really went on a journey. 

At times I could feel Hannah touching my feet with both hands but also touching my head with both hands at the same time, seemingly doing the impossible.

Hannah provided me with a safe place to really open up. 

The benefits I have found since Reiki are that the discoveries I made in those sessions have led me to re-evaluate my life and make positive changes. I am committed to making my future far more positive and peaceful than I have in the past.

I don't know if I would have achieved this understanding and energy for change if I had not opened myself up to Hannah and Reiki.

I can't really explain what happened in those sessions but I can say that they were instrumental in building a better life for myself."

Jo - Teacher


"I went to visit Hannah for Reiki after feeling overwhelmed by work stresses, financial difficulties and a friend's sudden shocking serious illness. I had a constant headache and tight jaw from clenching my teeth as well as feeling anxious and tearful.  Hannah immediately made me feel relaxed by her extremely kind, caring manner and professionalism coupled with her passionate belief in her work.  After the first session I felt as if my body was back working together and the pressure in my head lifted; after the second session my jaw pain disappeared and I felt calmer and began to stop worrying about things I couldn't change.  Although my difficulties haven't gone away, I now feel stronger to deal with them with my whole body and mind - I plan to return to Hannah for more sessions if I begin to struggle again."


Maxine - Nurse

"Following my mastectomy I had two distance reiki sessions with Hannah and then one session in person as I live over 100 miles away.

I remember feeling a warm sensation around my scars, like a healing type of warmth and I felt at utter peace. 

I lost all track of time not realising that an hour had passed.

I felt amazing after, I genuinely feel it helped with my recovery mentally and physically from my breast cancer,  I just wish you lived closer for regular reiki as I feel it would help with every day dealings of life."

Beth - operations manager


"I’d heard about reiki and had been to a few gong baths which I found really soothing. I have a lot of stress and a few personal battles mentally that I struggle with. And working in a fast paced environment it was always hard for me to switch off.

 I felt totally comfortable and settled before the session even started. Although it was a bit strange to begin with, I felt a real sense of calm. This allowed me to really process what I was feeling and how to move forward from it. It is a very personal experience, one which I would most definitely do again. I’ve found myself to be more forgiving with myself and others, which I may have been holding onto anger for. Afterwards everything that before felt muddled and too much, seemed clear and I had a real sense of acceptance for myself. Clarity! That’s a good word. I have always struggled with my weight, and they say to start a real change you must begin with self acceptance, and I think this helped me in doing that."

Louise - chiropodist

"A friend recommended reiki to me, I was experiencing some health issues, had been for several years despite numerous investigations. I’d seen the positive effects reiki had on my friend and decided to give it a go myself. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but Hannah talked me through what was going to happen, the experience was so relaxing and enlightening, the feeling of calm and clarity after the session was wonderful. Afterwards we talked about a few points that had arisen during the treatment, Hannah is extremely knowledgeable and empathetic and offered some excellent advice. About a week later I noticed one of my symptoms (which had massively curtailed my day-to-day activities) was no longer a problem, numerous GP appointments and investigations hadn’t been able to resolve this but now my quality of life has improved immensely and I’m so very grateful. I’ve been back for a second session and will be booking a third, thank you Hannah so very very much."

Jay - Self employed


"I started having Reiki because I wanted to try something different and I didn't see much change with conventional self help. It is relaxing, I felt at peace, comfortable as if all the anxiety was drained from my body almost weightless, clean?

My mind was decluttered and I found it easier to make decisions.  After the reiki  wasn't carrying excess weight around on my shoulders so days felt less  draining and I found it easier to rid myself of the unnecessary,toxic parts of my life."

Becky - Pastoral Care

"I decided to give Reiki a try following a particularly difficult year. I have recently given up work due to numerous reasons and was looking for something to help me get my thoughts together and reduce my stress levels by finding a way to relax. Hannah was recommended, so I thought I would try it.


I didn’t really know what to expect, and was keeping an open mind but hoping that I would at least feel as relaxed as you would feel following a massage or something similar. The whole experience was very different to what I envisaged and I got so much more from it than I had expected.


During the reiki, I was taken a little bit aback by seeing colours and the clearest images in my mind’s eye, which I had never experienced before and wasn’t expecting. I felt sensations of gentle pressure on various parts of my body which I knew couldn’t be Hannah, as I could feel her hands elsewhere.

Hannah spent time following the reiki,  to explain what I was feeling and why, she was just so lovely throughout the whole session and made me feel completely at ease. 


Following the reiki, I felt incredibly calm and slept better than I had in months, probably years. But what has really taken me by surprise, is the clarity of thought I’ve had since my session. I’ve found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had and it helped me put things into perspective about my current situation. I don’t know how Hannah has done this, but I do know she has a gift, and in my experience, without doubt, has healing hands. I would highly recommend her, and have already done so to a number of friends. I will definitely be back and I’m really looking forward to the next session/s to see what it brings."