Frequently Asked Questions......

Are there any side affects from a Reiki treatment?

For most people,  following from the session they will feel uplifted and relaxed.

Some people might experience what is called a healing crisis. This is where, as a persons vibration goes up,  toxins that have been stored in the body will be released and filtered by the liver and kidneys so that they can be flushed from the body, in these cases some people may experience a cold , headache  or stomach ache. If you do experience these drink water, eat lighter and rest. It is just the part of the healing process as your body is detoxing, it is in fact a good sign.

Is there any time I cannot have a Reiki treatment?

It is not advisable to have a Reiki session if you have been drinking alcohol or If you have had a lot of alcohol the day before a session. It is also not advisable to have alcohol or caffeine for the day after your session either. Your body is detoxing and so these are a detrimental combination. 

I have specific requirements, can you accommodate these?

If you have any requirements please get in touch to discuss these prior to booking, I'm sure we can work to accommodate these, lets check by discussing things first.

What happens after the Reiki Session?

After your session it is important that you can go and rest for a little while quietly if possible. You will generally feel very relaxed, some times a little spaced out. You need to be aware of this so that you can take care of yourself. Please avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks. Drink lots of water to help flush out any  toxins. Relax and enjoy how you are feeling. It is likely that you will sleep deeply that evening and may remember vivid dreams. Feel free to make a note of them so that we can discuss the meaning at your next session.

Does it hurt? 

Reiki does not hurt.  Some people have described feeling pressure and intense sensations inside their body though out the session, this can be a little overwhelming but essentially you are becoming in tune with your body, you have nothing to fear, you are old friends, perhaps you just have not been communicating lately.

What happens during the session?

As the client you will be lying, Face up, fully clothed on a massage table, you are always offered a blanket for extra comfort. You will be talked through numerous gently placed hand positions from the crown of your head to your feet before the sessions starts, so you know what will happen through out. If you are uncomfortable with any area, the hands can be raised away from the body so no contact is being made.  With your eyes closed and meditative music playing you can drift into another world, a peaceful world where you can let go as you allow the flow of Reiki through your body promoting self healing and relaxation. After the session we can discuss your experience. 



If you have any questions please