Mental health.

In my words.

What matters doesn’t matter but it rips you to your core

makes you question every motive of everyone including yours

as you spiral down the dark dark path the eyes that don’t look stare

and underneath the blanket of judgement you feel so truly bare

you close the doors and the curtains, too push it all away

because you cannot be loved like this – not in such a state

so, you cancel appointments and meetings with friends

your life becomes small you think that this will mend

all the thoughts as they lessen as you extinguish the fire

to remove the external but the problems is higher

in here, in you, that’s where it exists but that just makes it worse as if you created this

the beast, the beast when it leaves oh the light, you are finally you again,

and your spunky and bright

and your thinking is bouncy and creative and clever

and you think, I won’t go back to that - I’ve learnt this time. NEVER

and you've learnt all these lessons - if your lucky like me

I come back with these treasures thinking this time “I’m free”

And then slowly, unnoticeably, trigger by trigger

The length of the thoughts that you cling on to get bigger

And then you cannot tell what is real, what is fake

Who it is you can trust and what’s best for your own sake

Then the cortisol kicks in anxiety’s triggered

You don’t want to eat but your tired – go figure

Because nothing makes sense when you live in your head

A perpetual wheel of starvation and dread

but you know when you’re out of it something that’s better will be given to you and you’ll have it forever

Those treasures – those treasures you can give them to others,

so that they understand that they can indeed recover.

Write stuff down, make a note, look for patterns, try to joke

Because you have it forever – so be its friend and stay woke

But most of all don’t give up, don’t give in, get some help with this,

No research can evolve if we try to dismiss

What is clearly a part of us, hard as that seems

It does not have to take your life or stamp on your dreams.

And I know soon I may not feel like this, so I’ll keep this poem to remember

how capable I am when times get tough and I feel tender

When you forget your worth, when you think that you don’t matter

Remember it’s not you it’s the result of mental chatter

Its inside your head, and soon it will leave

Might take weeks, might take months but it will, and your patience is key.

You are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are not you.

There’s a lot to be learnt if you are willing to.

Educate yourself on yourself you’re your biggest investment

treat the people you Love with respect – they’re your weapons

don’t be scared you’ll come back – every time you’ll survive

be as kind as you can, and you’ll become more alive.

They say humility is hard but when you’ve learnt it, you’re set free

And I think this is something to work on if you struggle mentally

“humility is not thinking less of your self its about thinking of yourself less”

Selfless, self-less, less self, do you see?

Its hard to grasp that term in its total purity.

so, I’ll say this, look outward, move outward, try not to hide, but choose

people who know what you go through

people you trust to let you be you

especially through the tough times, no opinions, no rescue


Just a little understanding as you await your remission.

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  • hannahetheridge8

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

According to many cultures including Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese, chakras are energy centres within the human body that energy flows through to help it to regulate healthily, from organ function to the immune system and emotions.

Our hearts and brains are run by electrical impulses; The heart's electrical system controls the timing of your heartbeat by regulating your heart rate and heart rhythm whilst our internal electrical system works by using the cells that have built up electrical gradient or energy that can be given off to other cells by direct/neuronal transfer. Neurohormones or transmitters activate the synapses (electrical junctions) that stimulate the brain, nerve and muscle cells to become active and communicate. This allows us to think, remember, act and move.

Quoted by Psychology Today - "All living beings are energy fields manifesting through their physical form". It's no secret that our bodies are electromagnetic and this as a frequency is measured by scientists using MRI and ECG machines when looking for pathways of illness in relation to symptoms. So there lies the connection between our bodies and energy.

There are 112 chakras however there are 7 chakras which are the main junction points.

The Sanskrit word chakra means “wheel” or “vortex.” The belief is that when these wheels are turning or spinning powered by life energy, we have the ability to be at peace with ourselves - mind, body and soul or physically, mentally and emotionally. In the practice of Hatha Yoga you are working on realigning the chakras.

"If something more of what the human system is capable of needs to happen, it needs an activation. Hatha Yoga is that discipline which activates the whole system. Unfortunately, people think Hatha Yoga is an exercise or some kind of health regimen. Yoga never focuses on curing something. We only look at how this physical system can be made full-fledged. If it is full-fledged, everything will be fine. It will activate something that will lead to curative process by itself anyway." - Sadguru.

I chose this quote because when realigning the chakras with Reiki it seems to begin a better relationship with the self. For example there may be parts of your life that you are struggling with, that perhaps you want to look at - and from my own experience, it appears to provide you the space to begin that journey.

Below is an image with the location of the 7 chakras, a description of where Reiki will flow and implications of misalignment.

I hope this gives you a greater insight as to what chakras are.

As always feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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